Paralyzed Bride Who 'Walked' Down the Aisle Documents First Pregnancy

PHOTO: Gina Springhower is documenting her pregnancy on her blog.PlayKETV
WATCH Paralyzed Mom Gina Springhower and Her Husband Are Expecting a Baby

A woman whose arduous walk down the aisle grabbed headlines is now documenting what it’s like to be both pregnant and paralyzed.

Gina Springhower initially grabbed headlines after training to walk down the aisle for her wedding, even though she was left partially paralyzed after a car accident. Springhower was able to walk down the aisle at her wedding with the help of her dad, a brace and cane.

"When you’re back up and doing it and especially having dad on your arm, it’s a floating you can’t even explain,” Springhower told ABC News before her wedding. “Your emotions are floating.”

Months after the wedding, Springhower and her husband found out they were expecting their first child. While exciting, Springhower has been documenting her pregnancy on social media and admits there’s been a few tough spots.

“I’ve read and have been told that breathing can become harder for able-bodied women as the body prepares to grow a baby inside, well for paraplegics and quadriplegics breathing can tend to be a bit more difficult in general simply because we can’t take a deep enough breath to fill the lungs,” Springhower wrote on her blog. “Throw in bad allergies on top of the little difficulty I do have plus pregnancy [equals] kind of a pain to breathe easy all day.”

Springhower could not be reached by ABC News for additional comment.

While excited to meet her baby, Spinghower wrote that a few of the difficulties were surprising and that she even felt “restless leg syndrome.”

While she acknowledges that she can’t feel her legs, she wrote, “I thought that too but apparently my legs still get a bit restless/tight.”