Pint-Size Pitcher Uses 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand for First Pitch at Orioles Game

Hailey Dawson, 5, was born without a fully formed right hand.

— -- A pint-sized baseball fan got to throw out the first pitch using a new "bionic" hand made from a 3-D printer.

Hailey Dawson was born without a fully formed right hand due to a genetic condition called Poland syndrome, according to the Oriole's team website.

But the die-hard Orioles fan was able to get a special treat to throw out the first pitch after students from the University of Nevada Las Vegas created a specially designed prosthetic hand for Hailey.

The hand was printed on a 3-D printer and custom made in orange and black to reflect Hailey's love for all things Orioles.

"She said, 'I wish I could throw the ball out for the big Orioles,'" Yong told "Her brother plays Little League ... so she considers him the 'small Orioles.' So, I thought about it and I thought it's kind of a tall order, but what the heck? I'll try."

The pitch may not have broken any records for speed, but it she did get to throw to her favorite All-Star player Manny Machado across the plate.