Here’s a look at Trump’s physical exam report

The presidential physician said Trump's "overall health is excellent."

ByABC News
January 17, 2018, 11:27 AM

— -- The White House released the two-page report on President Donald Trump's physical, all of the details of which were read at the press briefing on Tuesday.

Presidential physician Dr. Ronny Jackson said Trump's "overall health is excellent" and noted that he is "above average based on age and sex."

However, Jackson said he suggested that Trump lose 10 to 15 pounds over the next year by improving his diet and exercising more. He said that Trump "is more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we're going to do both."

He also described a cognitive exam that he gave the president. Details of that exam and other testing that was completed are included in the report below.

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