Why Some Schools Have 'Cupcake Amnesty' and Others Have Cupcake Bans

Cupcakes are a polarizing issue for parents.

— -- Cupcakes are at the center of a growing national debate on school snacks.

As for Texas, food blogger and school nutrition activist, Bettina Elias Siegel pointed out that the call for cupcake amnesty was unnecessary since the ban on junk food in Texas public schools was lifted more than a decade ago. However, if the rules were reinstated, she said she would support them.

“What I take issue with is bringing treats to school and the kids eating them without their parents' knowledge and consent,” Siegel said.

Outside of school, Siegel said she is unabashedly pro-cupcake. When her two kids first started school, she was one of the moms who baked cupcakes for their class celebrations. But then she noticed how often they were coming home with blue frosting on their faces.

“I wanted more control over what my kids ate and when,” she said.

“We have to have some common sense here. If your kid is physically active they can afford a cupcake now and then,” he said.

Hill said he’s never seen a food ban work. Perhaps a middle ground where there are some limitations are best, he said.

With so many opinions, schools are struggling to strike the right balance.

In Iowa, Poulton acknowledged that cupcakes can be a polarizing issue.

“While I received a lot of positive feedback from parents I spoke with, we received over 800 comments to our proposal in the first 24 hours,” she said. “Many of them were not exactly on board.”

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