Steelers' DeAngelo Williams Pays for 53 Mammograms After NFL Denies Request to Wear Pink

DeAngelo Williams lost his mother and four aunts to breast cancer.

However, Williams was denied his request by the NFL, according to ESPN.

"The same way it made you feel after you heard it -- like, man," he said according to ESPN. "He told me no. I'm assuming they are telling everybody else no as well. ... It wasn't about selling it. You know and I know and everybody else knows before I made the phone call."

The NFL did not immediately respond to requests for comment from ABC News.

While Williams won't be able to wear pink next month, he has continued to help fight the disease. Through his foundation, he is again funding mammograms for 53 women at different centers. It's a program he started last year with two cancer screening centers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is now expanding to centers in Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

On Twitter, Williams said he wanted to honor his mother by paying for breast cancer screening.