Former Tennis Pro Chris Evert Reveals How Menopause Impacted Her Life

In an interview with Lance Armstrong, she reveals menopause's impact on her.

"Andy and I, we're still a family...without living together," Evert, 61, said. "We had a rough couple years because I married [Australian golfer] Greg Norman, who's Andy's friend,"

The former tennis pro's subsequent marriage to Norman ended after just 15 months.

"I was going through menopause," she says, "stuff that, you know, that doesn't get talked about enough. What women go through [around age 50.]"

Evert told Armstrong that her relationship with Mill is solid. "We love each other and I can rely on him," the mother-of-three said. "When I'm dying in my bed, he'll be there...I'll be there for him and he'll be there for me."

After 18 grand slam titles and 18-plus years of marriage, Evert imparted what she learned from her life experience.

"You've got to be on top of your relationship the whole time," she said, "and I've learned soon as you feel drifting away you get back there."