Texas 911 Dispatcher Helps Dad Deliver Baby Over the Phone

VIDEO: Texas 911 Dispatcher Helps Dad Deliver BabyPlayABCNews.com
WATCH Texas 911 Call Released of Childbirth in Progress

A couple has a 911 dispatcher to thank for helping them deliver a baby boy by phone.

Dispatcher Senona Fernandez in Corpus Christi, Texas, responded to a 911 call last Sunday from a frantic-sounding dad-to-be, ABC affiliate KTRK reported.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God," he said in the call that was later released by Corpus Christi police Thursday. "Yes. My fiancee's having a baby!"

While Fernandez asked the man how far along his fiancée was, he quickly responded: “I can see the head coming out!”

“She’s yelling for me to help, and I don’t know what to do!” he later said.

In a calm and cool manner, Fernandez guided the man on what to do, such as telling him to support the baby’s head, and to put the baby’s head between the mother’s legs to keep him warm.

Following the successful delivery, the man told Fernandez towards the end of the call: “Thank you so, so, so much!”

The mother and the baby were reportedly doing fine when the ambulance came.

“It was exhilarating,” Fernandez later told ABC affiliate KIII. “I have taken all sorts of calls. But I think this call is actually going to be the one that is just gonna stick with you.”