Therapy Dog Shows What Canine Care Looks Like in GoPro Vid

Seattle Children's Hospital reveals a day in the life of therapy dog.

— -- If you've ever wondered what life looks like for your furry best friend, Seattle Children's Hospital has the answer.

The team at the hospital posted a video shot from the perspective of their therapy dog Hank. Using the camera mounted on Hank, viewers can see how the pup brings cheer to even the sickest patients.

Hank is a 5-year-old, 78-pound Old English sheepdog, who is always eager to greet new patients alongside his trainer, Tom Whalen. The pup will even make bedside visits for those who can't get up to meet him and he's always ready for a scratch behind the years.

“The fuzzy feeling Hank provides reaches far beyond the surface of these kids’ hands,” said Whalen in a statement last week. “We are able to give them a new focus aside from what they are currently feeling. It’s amazing to see the positive shift in energy for both the patient and their family after Hank walks in.”