Tiny Bullied Seahawks Fan Gets Surprise of a Lifetime

The boy got an experience that would make any football fan jealous.

ByABC News
January 18, 2016, 10:12 AM

— -- The biggest dream came true for one of the smallest fans.

Ade Lewis, 7, is a third-generation Seattle Seahawks fanatic, but the South Carolina boy had a big problem.

“They were kind of saying the same thing, like, ‘Boo Seahawks.’ It made me feel sad,” Ade told ABC Seattle affiliate KOMO-TV of getting bullied for loving his non-local team.

Young Ade lives in Carolina Panthers territory in Daniel Island, so when he started wearing his new green and blue hat to school every day, he got picked on by the other kids.

“On Thursday I asked him, ‘How are you going to deal with all the boos today?’ and he said, ‘I’m used to it now,’” his mom, Heather Lewis, recalled. “So I said, ‘Let’s take a picture and post it on Facebook and see how many likes there are.”

She posted the photo of a smiling Ade donning his beloved Seahawks cap on Facebook last week, where it quickly went viral with more than 200,000 “likes” and counting.

“This is my 7 year old son Ade. We live in South Carolina,” she wrote on the social media site. “Every day he wears his new Seahawks hat to school and every day when he comes home he tells me how many kids have boo'd him. He is getting braver and yesterday he told a kid, ‘I don't care if you like them or not. I do.’ I asked him why he likes the Seahawks and he told me: they look like cool guys, his uncles and grandpa like them and Seattle seems like a nice place (he's never been). I told him I would post this picture on Facebook and invite other Seahawks fans to like it to show him that he's not alone. He told me it would be awesome if 10 people liked this picture. I'd like to show him how many people are with him and his new found love for the Seahawks. Please share if you love the Seahawks.”

The photo got so much attention that the team’s coach, Pete Carroll, even sent Seahawks gear and tickets to the Sunday game in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the little fan. The Seahawks, who lost to the Panthers, also posted a photo on their official Facebook page with Ade and his family at Sunday’s game with the caption, “Love our little brothers, too. We got your back Ade.”

And although the Seahawks’ hopes were cut short Sunday, Ade is still flying way above the clouds.