'Workout Wednesday' on 'GMA': Layla Luciano Leads Kickboxing and Strength Training Live-Stream Workout

PHOTO: Layla Luciano is a New York CIty-based fitness trainer and the co-founder of PACT Park.PlayCourtesy Layla Luciano
WATCH Layla Luciano Leads Kickboxing, Strength Live-Streamed Workout

Layla Luciano is a New York City-based fitness trainer known for her high-intensity and exhilarating workouts. Luciano uses her 20 years of martial arts training to design workouts that activate both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, ensuring a complete body burning and calorie-torching workout.

The PACT Park co-founder led a live-streamed workout today on “Good Morning America” for “Workout Wednesday.” In the new series, top fitness personalities lead workouts that are live-streamed on GoodMorningAmerica.com every Wednesday morning.

Luciano's workout featured shadowboxing and body-weight strength training moves.

Watch the video to join the workout! Tune in every Wednesday starting at 8 a.m., ET, for a new workout with a top fitness personality!

Read below for all you need to know about today's “Workout Wednesday” workout.

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PHOTO: Workout Wednesday Layla Luciano


Your own energy! No equipment needed.


Kickboxing and strength training.


1) To get the most out of your strike, visualize an opponent or target to help you keep focus and keep your strikes from getting lazy and sloppy. If you think you are punching the air, it is definitely going to look and feel like you are punching the air.

2) Stand with your dominant side back.

3) Keep elbows close to your ribs and your knuckles next to your jawline to protect yourself. Never drop your hands even when shadowboxing.

4) Spread the legs slightly wider than your shoulders and pull your shoulder blades down to your back pockets.

5) Push your hips back and bend your knees to sit on your punches. This helps you to keep your legs and hips involved.

5) Take a small step on the jab (this is the only punch you do not turn your hips and shift your weight into).

7) Try to avoid standing in place before or after throwing punches (stick and move). It's a hit and run sport.

8) After you throw a series of punches and/or kicks (combos), get into the habit of adding a slip, duck or weave to develop a defensive habit and keep moving.

9) Shift your weight forward on the front leg while throwing dominant punch or kick: crosses, uppercuts, hooks and slipping to the left.

10) Shift your weight back to the back leg when throwing a lead punch or kick: hooks, uppercuts or slipping to the right.

Bonus: Layla's Tips to Maximize Your Workout Burn

1) Changing up your training is important. Your body becomes accustomed to your routine so if you find yourself getting stuck in a rut and not seeing any changes, it's time to change it up. For example, simply varying the speed of your reps. Mix fast reps and slow reps to gain strength and muscle mass.

2) If you are training individual muscles, make sure to focus on the muscle you are working on. If you're doing a bicep curl, think about only your bicep doing all of the work. This will help with muscle recruitment and muscle growth.

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