A bird's-eye view of the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic has changed life on the ground as we know it.

As countries implement nationwide lockdowns to combat the novel coronavirus pandemic, life on the ground looks drastically different.

In India, the world's second most populated nation, streets were empty of pedestrians and cars on Wednesday, the first day of a 21-day lockdown imposed and enforced by the government. A normally packed freeway in downtown Los Angeles was practically free of traffic under the state's stay-at-home order.

The few areas where people are congregated are mainly confined to hospitals, large spaces that will be turned into makeshift hospitals, and grocery stores.

Bangkok, Thailand

Belgrade, Serbia

Belvidere, Illinois

Berlin, Germany

Bogota, Colombia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chicago, Illinois

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Johannesburg, South Africa

Los Angeles, California

Manhattan, New York

Miami, Florida

New Delhi, India

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Riverside, California

San Francisco, California

Santa Monica, California

Tulsa, Oklahoma