Four New Zika Virus Cases Reported in Florida Outbreak

At least 21 people have been infected in the outbreak.

The new cases brings the total infected by the Zika outbreak, which was first detected last month in Miami, to at least 21 people. The Florida Department of Health said it continues to focus on a 1-square-mile area in northern Miami where they believe the infections are ongoing.

All of the new infections were reported in that area.

“Today, we have learned that there are four new individuals that have local transmissions of Zika in our state, likely through a mosquito bite," Scott said in a statement today, calling on the federal government to pass a bill to allot funds to fight Zika. "This is not only an issue affecting us here in Florida -- this is a national issue. Florida is just at the head of it with the first cases of local transmission of Zika."

Scott said the federal government had not yet fulfilled his request for an additional 10,000 Zika prevention kits and called on Congress to come back into session to resolve the issue over the Zika funds.