Kate Middleton to Wear Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Tiara?

Gamblers wagering that Kate Middleton will wear the "fringe" tiara."

April 26, 2011, 7:27 AM

April 26, 2011— -- Queen Elizabeth has often loaned or given royal brides a tiara on their wedding day and royal wedding watchers are abuzz over which of the queen's many crowns Kate Middleton might get to wear. In fact, the future princess' royal wedding day headgear is of such interest that bookmakers across the United Kingdom and around the world have set odds on it. And one curious wager is leading many to believe that decision has already been made.

ABC News contributor Duncan Larcombe reported in The Sun that a "well-spoken, middle aged woman" bet £6,000 that Kate Middleton would wear the "Fringe" tiara. Queen Elizabeth wore this tiara to her own wedding in 1947. It was her "something borrowed." If the bet pays off, at 12-1 odds, this gambler stands to win £72,000 (over $115,000).

Alex Donohue, spokesman for the betting house, told Larcombe, "If the punt comes home, we'll lose a fortune. This woman either has more money than sense, or she is very well informed."

The origin of the Fringe tiara is often debated among royal authorities. Some historians believe it was made in 1830 from diamonds that belonged to King George III. The Royal Collection states that it was made in 1919 for Queen Mary from a necklace she received as a wedding present from Queen Victoria. The tiara has been handed down through generations of British royals. In 1936, it was given to the Queen Mum, who in turn lent it to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth, and her granddaughter, Princess Anne, on their wedding days.

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