Styling Kate Middleton's Long Locks

Underneath the tiara and veil, how will Kate Middleton be wearing her hair? Only few know for sure.

According to the Daily Mail, six stylists will be on hand, including James Pryce and Richard Ward. The other four "senior stylists" will join the Middleton family's usual hairdressers at the Goring Hotel in Belgravia.

Pryce reportedly styled Kate's hair for her engagement photos and has been Kate's go-to hairdresser.

Will Kate let her hair flow freely or will it be pinned back for the big day? A source tells E! News "Long hair and royal women don't mix unless they keep it pinned up in a tight bun like the Princess Royal," and even says Kate has been told she needs to tame her look.

But the source adds that Kate's locks will be partly up with some falling on her shoulders.

A friend told the Daily Mail that she already had a run through of her wedding day do and "she's very happy with how everything is going."