Is Amanda Wakeley the Designer of the Royal Wedding Gown?

Today it was reported that Amanda Wakeley, a British designer who used to dress Princess Diana, created the blue suit Kate wore during her visit to East Lancashire, England, Monday with Prince William. The sophisticated navy blue stunner wowed the media and matched Kate's sapphire engagement ring.

While Wakely told U.K.'s Grazia that she had "no idea" how her design ended up on Kate, she was "delighted" and thought the bride-to-be looked fantastic.

This raises the big question: Did Wakeley also design Kate's wedding gown? When asked by Grazia, Wakely remained discreet and replied "whoever is designing it is incredibly lucky."

The designer remained tight-lipped in another interview with Guernsey News, saying that creating the royal wedding gown would be a huge privilege for any designer, but that she would never talk about her own customers.

Without a doubt, Kate's wedding gown will be seen by billions and be the most-talked-about dress in the world. Fashion insiders speculated that while she would probably choose a British designer, she has a strong sense of individuality and the choice could very well be a surprise. Deborah Joseph, an editor at Brides, told the U.K.'s Telegraph that Kate could go with "one of Diana's favorite designers, such as Bruce Oldfield or Amanda Wakeley, out of respect for William."

Other designers appearing on the "suspect list" include Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton, Stella McCartney and Brazilian designer Daniella "Issa" Helayel, whose Issa dress and jacket Kate wore to a recent wedding.

While the designers have kept their mouths shut about the big question, the rest of the world is on its toes, waiting to see just who will dress Kate on her big day.