Wedding Royale: The (Future) King's Speech Is Not the Queen's English

The Language of Prince William and Kate Middleton: No More Posh talk

Feb. 16, 2011— -- The world finally heard the sound of Kate Middleton's voice the day she and Prince William announced their engagement. But when she spoke, did you think, "Why does she talk like that?"

Turns out, her accent may be blending a bit with her future husband's. This week's edition of "Wedding Royale" has Will and Kate saying good riddance to posh talking.

Royal family members have been speaking the queen's English for hundreds of years, using the prestigious accent to distance themselves from the subjects of their country. But Prince William has led a less sheltered life than his predecessors and Middleton is a so-called commoner.

So, could it be that the future king's speech might override the queen's English? Watch now!

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