The Royal Cake Boss

The prince and his fiancee appear to be breaking with tradition when it comes to their wedding cake. One of the traditional bakers of royal confections told the Associated Press the couple spurned his company's application to present them with a cake.

The gift of an elaborate cake is a tradition that British bakers compete for when it comes to the royals, supplying their confectionery creations free of charge.

Classic Celebration Cakes has a long history of providing cakes for regal occasions from the nuptials of Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy in 1963 to the 1999 wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones.

Baker Andrew Davidson and his students spent six weeks in 1981 creating a wedding confection with a traditional fruitcake center for Charles and Diana. The finished cake towered 6 feet high with five tiers.

It was one of 23 that the Prince of Wales and "Shy Di" accepted. Click here to see a slideshow of Davidson's royal creations through the years.

The bride-to-be certainly knows her way around cakes. As the Daily Mail reported last February, "Bakey Katie" harbored ambitions to open an upscale cake shop in London with her brother, James.