Secret Westminster Abbey Concert: Music to Royal Ears

Monday evening, Prince William, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton surreptitiously visited Westminster Abbey to decide on the music for the April 29 royal wedding. This is the first visit the couple has made to their wedding chapel together.

Sneaking into the church through a back gate, the couple arrived with the father-of-the-groom at 8 p.m. They then listened to a full orchestra and a 14-boy choir perform musical pieces they are considering for their marriage ceremony.

A royal insider who also attended the performance tells The Daily Express, "They looked relaxed and seemed to enjoy themselves. They are obviously very keen that everything should be right on the big day."

While the full orchestra played and 14 velvet-cloaked choristers proceeded into the Abbey in formation, the three sat in the pew, deciding which pieces they preferred to keep -- or discard -- for the royal wedding.

"[Prince Charles] has always taken a close interest in classical and church music. They have sought his advice and involved in the decisions," the royal source explains.

After listening to the music for 75 minutes, the princes and royal-to-be furtively snuck out the back gate, got into Prince Charles's blue Jaguar, and zipped off into the London night.