Royal Wedding: Lip Readers Give Insight on Private Moments

What were they saying as the global event unfolded?

ByABC News
April 29, 2011, 5:55 PM

April 29, 2011— -- This morning, millions watched as Prince William and Kate Middleton were wed at Westminster Abbey in London, but even with all of those microphones, cameras, videographers and tape recorders there were some moments we all missed.

So what were they saying in those times when no one could hear? Although they cannot be verified, ABC News' lip reader Terry Ruane and the Associated Press' Tina Lannin helped shed some light on the private moments of the public spectacle.

As Prince William moved towards the entrance to Westminster Abbey early this morning, his brother Prince Harry turned to him and asked the question many a best man has asked the groom -- "Ready for this?"

Prince William's assured nod in response must have come as no surprise after months of detailed preparations for the wedding.

The Wedding

Kate's father, Michael Middleton, asked his daughter the same question as they headed for the abbey doors later this morning.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"I am," she replied.

And, just as many a father of the bride has told his daughter on the day of her wedding, he said, "You look great."

It was a sentiment echoed by the prince as his bride approached him at the altar.

"You look fabulous ... beautiful," he told her.

He then turned and joked to Michael Middleton, "We're supposed to have just a small family affair."

After the wedding, there was some self-congratulation on the part of the heads of the royal family. After the ceremony, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, turned to Queen Elizabeth and said, "it all went very well."

"Very well," she replied.

On the Balcony

How would you feel if you walked out to the sound of thousands of people cheering and waving?

"Oh wow!" said Kate as she walked onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace overlooking the cheering throngs.

Prince William turned to her and said, "Alright? You'll be OK?"

Yes, she said.

Then came the now-famous kiss seen around the world.

"OK? Look at me. Let's kiss, OK?" the prince said to his bride.

Meanwhile, Tom Pettifer turned to William Lowther-Pinkerton -- the two young boys lucky enough to be on the balcony with the royal couple -- and summed it up, "It's good fun being with the royal family!"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.