Introducing "Wedding Royale"

Welcome to the First Edition of Our New Weekly Digital Show.

LONDON, Feb. 4, 2011— -- Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly digital show, "Wedding Royale." This must-see series delivers the latest news about Prince William, Kate Middleton and their big day.

Presented by ABC News' Nick Watt, this is an informative and witty take on the future king and queen of England, with a twist.

Our first episode turns to the skies, answering the most important question on every bride's mind: What happens if it rains?

"Well, there are contingency plans," says Dickie Arbiter, former butler to the queen.

For further advice, Watt seeks the advise of a long-range weather forecaster (with an 85 percent success rate) to find out whether April showers will dampen the royal couple's April 29 wedding day.

The episode also quizzes Londoners on the latest royal news and highlights the sound bites of the week. Oh, and there's a bit of singing, too, although not by Watt.

We hope you enjoy "Wedding Royale," and don't forget to look for our second edition next week.