American tourist brings active WWII grenade to Vienna airport, causing temporary evacuation

The munition turned out to be a dud.

An American tourist caused the baggage hall and part of the arrivals hall at Vienna International Airport to be evacuated when she attempted to bring home a World War II souvenir in her bag, officials said.

The unidentified 24-year-old woman apparently found the munition while hiking, and thinking it was harmless, showed it to customs officials at the airport to declare a war relic, Lower Austrian police said in a press release.

Customs officials immediately notified police and parts of the airport were closed for about 15 minutes Monday while the device was removed for disposal, police said.

The bomb disposal unit declared the grenade a dud. No passengers were endangered and there were no delays in operations, police said.

The woman was hit with a “four-digit” fine by the local prosecutor for negligent common danger, the press release said.