Asylum seeker instructed to drive vehicle into a crowd, Italians say

The man told police he had no intention of following through.

Touray was picked up at the request of the Naples public prosecutor after a joint investigation by the Carabinieri and State Police who had received a tip from Spanish intelligence. Touray’s arrest was announced today at a news conference in Naples.

During questioning, authorities said, the Gambian admitted to having received a request via the messaging app Telegram where he was told to “crash a vehicle into a crowd,” Naples prosecutor Giovanni Melillo, said at the news conference.

Touray admitted having received instructions to commit a terror attack but, according to Prosecutor Melillo, the Gambian said he had no intention of carrying out the attack.

The examination of his Telegram uncovered other alarming messages, including those where he asked people "to pray for him" and that "he was on a mission," authorities said.

The Gambian arrived in Sicily by boat with 800 other migrants in March 2017 before requesting political asylum, which was still under review, authorities said.