The Best Moments of Vladimir Putin's Annual Press Conference

Putin spoke about everything from his daughters to U.S. relations.

The event lasted over 3 hours (3 hours, 7 minutes for those counting), far short of Putin’s record of 4 hours, 40 minutes.

In that time, Putin touched on almost every major crisis, scandal and intrigue involving Russia, though remaining typically coy on most. He declared that Russia and the U.S. are moving closer in regards to Syria; he hinted that Russian special forces might have fought in Eastern Ukraine; he insulted Turkey, praised Trump, and ducked a question about what his daughters do for a living.

Below are 7 GIFs of some of Putin’s key lines from the conference.

Russia and the U.S. Are Now Close on Syria

Turkey Might Have Shot Down the Russian Military Jet Last Month to Please America, Even If The U.S. Didn’t Want Them To

There Might Have Been Russian Special Forces in Ukraine After-All...Or There Might Not

Joseph Blatter Deserves a Peace Prize

Russia Doesn’t Mind Who The Next U.S. President Is

Putin thinks Trump Is The “Absolute Leader of the American Presidential Race”

Putin Won’t Say What his Daughters Do, Just That They Know Several Languages