Canadian Woman Searches for Biological Father, Finds He's an Elvis Impersonator

Despite the long odds, Melonie Dodaro found her father using social media.

Melonie Dodaro, 46, of Kelowna, British Columbia, works as a LinkedIn expert and runs her own company, Top Dog Social Media.

“It’s like John Smith in North America,” she told CTV News.

Despite the long odds, Dodaro wrote a blog post and uploaded a video to her Facebook page discussing her father’s name, estimated age and birthplace of Zwolle, Netherlands. Within a few days, the post received more than 27,000 views.

A Dutch news organization picked up the story, and the tips poured in. Eventually, a news editor helped connect Dodaro with the man believed to be her father, who now goes by the name Colin.

“And he called me up and said, ‘Hello Melonie, this is Colin, your daddy,’” she said.

Father and daughter are now planning to meet in person.

“I think social media has opened doors that we’ve never had before,” she told CTV News.