Cargo Plane Overshoots Runway, Ends on Local Road in Italy's Bergamo airport

Plane had touched down at 4 a.m. after flight from Paris.

— -- A cargo plane overshot a runway at an Italian airport this morning and landed on a nearby highway, according to officials.

The crew consisted of a pilot and co-pilot who were uninjured. No vehicles were on the highway at the time of the incident, according to aviation officials.

The airport near Milan was closed for several hours Friday. The nearby highway also remained closed.

Drivers posted pictures on social media showing the plane's nose partially blocking a roadway with emergency vehicles on the scene.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The Bergamo airport is Italy's third-busiest, with over 10 million passengers last year, according to the Associated Press.

ABC News' Clark Bentson contributed to this report.