See the Devastating Aftermath Inside the Kunduz Hospital Hit by US Air Strikes

Dramatic photos reveal the destruction inside the hospital in Afghanistan.

The photos show the hospital in ruin. Medical equipment and furniture charred by fire are thrown about the rooms and hallways. Parts of the walls have crumpled and much of the ceiling is destroyed.

Human remains can be seen in several of the photos. One gut-wrenching image shows a human foot on top of a largely intact hospital gown.

Now, the Switzerland-based International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) has asked the U.S. and Afghanistan to authorize a probe of the air strike, according to MSF. The U.S. is already conducting its own investigation and says an international probe is not needed. The Afghan government is also investigating.

The Taliban announced its complete withdrawal from Kunduz on Oct. 13 after holding the city for fifteen days. It was the first time the Taliban controlled Kunduz during the last 14 years of war.

The full set of photos from inside the MSF hospital can be viewed at A warning that some of the photos are graphic.