Dolphin Collides With Teen Surfer Riding a Wave in Australia

PHOTO: A dolphin is seen jumping out of the water and landing on young Australian surfer Jed Gradisen.PlayCourtesy O’Neill
WATCH Teen Surfer Astonished After Being Hit by Leaping Dolphin

A teen surfer off of the coast of Western Australia was surprised when a dolphin jumped straight into the wave he was riding. The porpoise collided with his surfboard, apparently nose-first.

"I was in a bit of pain when the dolphin landed on me, I think I pulled my back out a bit. But I was mainly in shock because my leg wrap got caught around the dolphin," Jed Gradisen, 13, said in a video for Team O'Neill, the brand and surf team that sponsors the young wave rider.

Gradisen said the dolphin seemed to be "really shocked, almost as shocked as I was."

"Its nose went straight through the board," he added. "That must have hurt a bit."

Gradisen's surfboard still has a hole from where the dolphin dove straight into it, but Gradisen said he isn't upset.

"This experience hasn't changed the way I see dolphins," the teen said, "I like dolphins still as much."