Dramatic Video Shows Gunman Open Fire at Paris Restaurant

VIDEO: How the Paris Terror Attacks UnfoldedPlayABCNews.com
WATCH How the Paris Terror Attacks Unfolded

Dramatic surveillance footage from a restaurant in Paris shows the moment when a shooter opened fire last Friday as part of a series of coordinated terror attacks.

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The footage, taken from one of the four restaurants that were targeted and first reported by the Daily Mail, shows a man who appears to be holding an assault rifle.

One of the survivors who was having a drink with a friend on the terrace told ABC News about how he first thought he heard fireworks.

"I turned back to see where the sound [was coming] from and this is when I saw a shooter," said the man, known as Ralph.

The shooter was holding a Kalashnikov, Ralph said, noting that at first he thought it was a gang-related shooting or one where a specific person was targeted.

"I thought something was really wrong when he didn't shoot at one man but he shot at everybody [on] the terrace," Ralph said.

The video shows the shooting at Casa Nostra, one of four restaurants that was attacked. In addition to the restaurants, two bars, a soccer stadium and a concert hall were targeted, leaving 129 people dead.

The restaurant goes from being seemingly calm to a scene of terror, with diners diving for cover and the employees ducking behind the bar, the video shows.

Ralph can be seen in the video, getting up and diving into the restaurant from the terrace with his friend following behind.

Ralph said that he does not remember specifically getting up and diving, but having now watched the video, he said it "was like a movie."

He said his friend was injured when she was trying to get into the restaurant.

"It was really miraculous that she didn’t get killed because the shooter was two meters away.," Ralph said.

Three different vantage points can be seen in the footage. In one, the shooter can be seen walking past the restaurant on the sidewalk with his gun in full view.

Two diners sitting next to the window by the restaurant's entrance are seen quickly ducking to the ground while two others stand up and run inside before diving to the ground.

The footage also shows the gunman making a trip to a table outside where two patrons are hiding, directing his weapon towards them for several seconds before walking off and disappearing from the screen.

It was unclear if he fired.

A different vantage point shows two of the people who had hidden behind the bar running down a set of stairs several feet away.