Elated South Korean moviegoers celebrate ‘Parasite’ Oscars victory

The news has dominated headlines in South Korea throughout the day.

SEOUL -- South Koreans celebrated after hearing news of ‘Parasite’ sweeping through the Oscars on Monday morning. Director Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" made Oscars history as the first Asian and non-English film to win for best picture. Bong’s film scored four in total, picking up the best director, best international feature film and best original screenplay as well.

“Thank you, it is a great honor. I’m not writing a scenario on behalf of the country, but it’s Korea’s first award,” Bong said.

“South Korean films have won several awards at European film festivals in the past, but they have been shunned by American film festivals. As the U.S. represents pop culture worldwide, this Oscars has a great meaning as a final recognition.” Ha Jae-keun, a pop culture expert in Seoul, told ABC News.

"It is amazing that a somewhat very Korean story could sympathize with people around the world,” Hyeju Lee, a college student told ABC News.

“"Parasite" winning four awards at the Academy Awards is a historic moment, not only in South Korea but also in the world, as it is the first time for any foreign film to win four Oscars,” Kim Chung-kang, film and theater professor at Seoul-based Hanyang University told ABC News.

“All actors acted very hard to emphasize the controversial sides of the capitalist class system. Today's ceremony makes me proud of Korean movie industry,” Yang Chang-bae, a college student who has watched the entire Academy Awards ceremony told ABC News.

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris shared his Academy Awards watch party in real time on Twitter while enjoying the instant noodle which was portrayed in the movie as the rich family’s favorite snack.

The news dominated headlines in South Korea throughout the day.

In South Korea, the 92nd Academy Awards aired on TV Chosun, a local cable network run by one of the biggest newspaper companies in the country. Although the ceremony aired during working hours on Monday, passersby stopped in front of televisions at airports and train stations to witness the historic moment of a Korean director winning an Oscar.

ABC News’ HeeJin Kang and Jiyung Koo contributed to this story.