Emergency Workers Sifting Through Malaysia Airlines Jet Debris Field

ABC News' Kirit Radia likens the smell to that of a butcher shop.

ByABC News
July 19, 2014, 2:15 PM

HRABOVE, Ukraine— -- We're back at the debris field of Malaysia Airlines MH 17 as the sun is setting.

The bodies are gone and the emergency workers established a perimeter, only to abandon it less than an hour later. We weren't immediately allowed to get up to the wreck like before, but it is now totally unguarded.

The rebels were even off in their tent and not patrolling the area.

We watched local emergency workers sift through the wreckage, lifting and moving pieces of debris. Coal miners who were brought in to comb the field for remains clamored about the wreckage, lifting up debris and taking pictures with their phones.

To my untrained eye, this looks like exactly the type of thing investigators would not want -- evidence being moved.

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7:43 a.m. -- Maybe the light is better this morning, maybe we dare look more, but we're seeing body parts everywhere today in .

All of the bodies we spotted Friday were still laying among the wreckage nearly 48 hours after the crash.

It's been raining. The smell is different today.

Less jet fuel. More like a butcher shop.

It's worse.

Anywhere else in the world, this crash site would be sealed off and crawling with investigators.

Journalists, rebels and a few emergency workers are the only ones here this morning.

As we pulled away, investigators arrived to begin removing the bodies.