Fires in New South Wales contained for the first time since Australia's fire season began

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service called it "great news."

Rob Rogers, the deputy commissioner of the New South Wales Rural Service, called the development "great news" after a "truly devastating season for both firefighters and residents who suffered through so much."

Rogers said "we can really focus on helping people rebuild."

New South Wales was particularly ravaged by the fires, with more than 13 million acres burned and nearly 2,500 homes destroyed, according to the fire agency. At least 25 people were killed across the country, according to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The blazes began about three months before the fire season typically starts in Australia.

Rainfall helped put out some of the fires, though major flooding and severe thunderstorms have now created problems of their own in the state, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

As for the economic damage, insurance claims reached $485 million in early January, according to the Insurance Council of Australia.