French investigators interview possible Jeffrey Epstein accusers

Epstein owned an apartment in Paris.

Epstein died by suicide in his New York jail cell last month while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of girls in New York and Florida. Epstein, 66, owned property all over the world, including at least one apartment in Paris, and investigations into his alleged conduct has continued even after his death.

French police published a call on Twitter for any possible witnesses and accusers to come forward to participate in the investigation into Epstein.

The three individuals were interviewed by the investigators on Aug. 27, Sept. 3 and Sept. 9, the Paris Prosecutor’s office told ABC News on Wednesday.

Two French ministers called for investigations to be opened in France after the news of Epstein’s death, citing the "many unanswered questions" in the wake of Epstein’s suicide in jail. France’s Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet reprimanded the ministers for their statements, saying it was not the government’s role to dictate investigations.

A French advocacy group for child sex abuse victims called Innocence In Danger has also put out a call for possible witnesses and has received several testimonies as well as possible evidence tied to Epstein's conduct on French soil, the group’s president Homayra Sellier told ABC News.

Police said the scope of their investigation includes possible crimes committed against French citizens in France and elsewhere.