Hard-line Indian Hindu Group Prayerfully Endorses Donald Trump

The Indian nationalist group even staged a ceremony to bring him good tidings.

The endorsement ceremony, which took place today in Delhi through scorching heat that exceeded 100 degrees, featured a small fire surrounded by photographs of the presumptive Republican nominee adorned with dots made with red kumkuma powder, a substance commonly used in religious ceremonies as a blessing.

An image of Hanuman, a Hindu god typically associated with the virtues of strength and endurance, was positioned in between iconography of Trump. Posters were hung broadcasting the phrase “We Love Trump,” and a news release issued by the group celebrated Trump’s “brave heart” in fighting the “evil” of Islamic terror.

Modi himself has no direct association with the Hindu Sena.

In an incident that draws a notable parallel to Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims, Modi was banned from entering the United States in 2005 for his perceived role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. The United States warmed its relationship to Modi in 2014 after he was elected prime minister, and he eventually visited the country last September.