Humanitarian Officials Warn of Repeating Syria 'Tragedies' in 2017

“We must not let 2017 repeat the tragedies of 2016 for Syria," they said.

— -- Some of the world's top humanitarian aid and refugees officials said in a statement today that "up to 700,000 people, including an estimated 300,000 children, still remain trapped" in 15 besieged areas in Syria.

They said that almost 5 million people, including upwards of 2 million children, live in areas "extremely difficult to reach with humanitarian assistance due to fighting, insecurity and restricted access."

"The horrors of the siege of the eastern districts of Aleppo have disappeared from the public consciousness -– but we must not let the needs, the lives and the futures of Syria's people fade from the world's conscience," the officials said. "We must not let 2017 repeat the tragedies of 2016 for Syria."

They called for "immediate, unconditional, and safe access" to children and families cut off from aid in Syria and said the world "must not stand silent while parties to the conflict continue to use denial of food, water, medical supplies, and other forms of aid as weapons of war."