Hundreds in Seoul protest 'warmongering Trump' over stance on North Korea

Crowds gathered in the capital Seoul to protest Trump's official visit.

Thousands of police officers surrounded the demonstrators spread out in groups around the U.S Embassy, who were corralled in designated protest areas and monitored by a heavy security presence on all sides.

South Korea's National Police Agency said it deployed some 15,000 officers to provide security amid protests during Trump's two-day visit that began on Tuesday.

Several hundred people gathered near the presidential Blue House where Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met to discuss trade and North Korea.

One protester there shouted "we do not welcome Trump ... we will shout for the warmongering Trump to leave our land in peace until he is out of here."

A block down the street were hundreds of pro-Trump groups, mostly senior citizens, waiving flags of both countries while "The Star Spangled Banner" played full blast from loudspeakers. Thousands more lined up by the main street leading to the Blue House, South Korea's stately presidential residence, waiving flags shouting "USA, USA!" as President Trump's motorcade passed by.

President Trump said he sees progress in the steps his administration has taken on North Korea, suggesting he could "make a deal" with the regime, but would not say whether he still believes direct talks are a waste of time.

The organizers of the protest, which calls itself “No Trump Coalition,” also plans to protest on Wednesday near Seoul’s parliament, where Trump is to make a speech calling on the international community to maximize pressure on North Korea, according to The AP.

The Associated Press and ABC News' Katherine Faulders contributed to this report.