Hurricane Patricia: Scenes of the Storm From the Ground in Mexico

Photos and video show torrential rain, flooding and strong winds from the storm.

— -- As Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico overnight as a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of up to 165 mph, people on the ground in Mexico caught stunning photos and footage of the storm.

Though the hurricane has dramatically weakened into a tropical storm as of this morning, the tempest unleashed torrential rains and strong winds that could cause deadly flooding and mudslides, according to authorities.

Television reports showed scenes of fallen trees and flooded streets, though there were no immediate reports of casualties or widespread damage earlier predicted, according to authorities.

Here are scenes from the storm showing winds rocking palm trees and power lines, ocean waves and heavy rain causing flooding.

ABC News' Max Golembo, Melissa Griffin, Justin Fishel, Matthew Foster, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.