Indonesia bombings that killed 8 in churches continue for 2nd day

ISIS claimed responsibility for attacks Sunday that targeted churches.

Police believe six members of one family carried out Sunday’s deadly, back-to-back bombings that targeted three churches ahead of Sunday Mass.

Details are not yet clear on the number of casualties.

“We are still investigating on whether the explosion came from a car or a motorcycle," a Surabaya police spokesman said. "We can confirm a police officer was a victim of the explosion, but we cannot confirm now if it’s just an injury or death.”

Four officers are injured, according to The New York Times. The Times reported that four attackers died in the incident, and a young girl who was also on a motorbike has been taken to hospital.

The suicide bombers are believed to be a family of suspects, similar to those suspected of the church attacks Sunday.

Indonesia’s national police chief said that the family of suspects in the Sunday attacks had recently returned from Syria.

“I am particularly close to the beloved people of Indonesia,” he said. “Especially to the Christian communities in Surabaya, strongly hit by the attack against the churches. I pray for all the victims and their relatives. Let’s invoke together the God of peace, in order to stop these violent actions, may everyone’s hearts host sentiments of reconciliation and brotherhood, not sentiments of hate or violence.”

Indonesia's security services have succeeded in broadly clamping down on domestic terror cells since the Balinese bombings of 2002, which killed over 200 people.