Inside the Refugee Crisis: Watch Tense Confrontation With Police at Hungary Border

See refugees break through police as they walk near Hungary-Serbia border.

An ABC News team was heading down a narrow country road on the outskirts of the Hungarian city of Szeged, toward one of two refugee camps near the town of Roszke, which has been one of the flashpoints between refugees crossing the border and the Hungarian police.

As passing groups started getting bigger and bigger, ABC News stopped and spoke with the refugees, most of whom were Syrians. The refugees asked how far away the town and station were and ABC News told them about six miles.

The police then showed up. In the confrontation caught on video, the police shouted that the refugees must go to a camp. The travelers steadfastly refused to do, breaking through the police.

But farther down the road, police reinforcements arrived and encircled the refugees, forcing them to sit in the blazing sun, refusing to tell the media whether they planned to take the refugees to a camp for registration or to the border with Austria.