Israeli Paraglides Into Syria in Apparent Attempt to Join Civil War

Israeli defense forces scrambled fighter jets to respond to the incident.

Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency, and the Israeli military are currently investigating.

"Yesterday: IDF surveillance post identified paraglider entering Syria. Initial investigation suggests Israeli-Arab crossed intentionally," read The Israeli Defense Force spokesperson Twitter account.

"We don't know all the details, but apparently it was a 23-year-old Arab Israeli from Jaljulia, which did what he did intentionally and was picked up there," IDF spokesman Brigadier Gen. Moti Almoz told military reporters, according to Haaretz, which also said the IDF banned reporting on the incident until Sunday morning.

"We don't know if people were waiting for him there, but we estimate that whoever did this kind of thing -– against the direction of gliding – did so on purpose," Almoz said.