Ivanka Trump arrives in South Korea ahead of Olympics closing ceremony

Trump will be leading the U.S. delegation and attending Sunday's close.

"We are very very excited to attend the 2018 winter Olympic Games to cheer for Team USA and to reaffirm our strong and enduring commitment with the people of the Republic of Korea. So thank you for the kind welcome,” she said to dozens of media reporters lined up at the gate.

It's unknown whether she will meet with anyone from North Korea's own high-level delegation, which will attend the closing ceremony.

The U.S. delegation is to dine with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at a traditional Korean house, a venue used only at special occasions for heads of state visits. The evening banquet in honor of Ivanka will prepare a kosher menu, for Ivanka's strict kosher lifestyle.

Raw fish, crustaceans and meat will not be included in Ivanka's menu.

ABC News' Hakyung Kate Lee contributed to this report.