Crying Japanese Politician Breaks Down in Uncontrollable Hysterics

Assemblyman Ryutaro Nonomura is accused of dubious spending of public
WATCH Japanese Lawmaker Wails at Press Conference

A Japanese politician who broke down in hysterics after being questioned over unexplained uses of public funds has attracted attention from more than just his constituents in the wake of the press conference.

Ryutaro Nonomura, an assemblyman who represents the Hyogo Prefecture, started weeping in a Tuesday press conference after a reporter asked why he claimed 3 million yen, or the equivalent of about $30,000, in travel expenses over the past year.

He did not explicitly apologize amid the tears, but said instead that "you don't understand."

“This is not the Hyogo Prefecture’s fault,” he screamed.

The press conference was held after a local newspaper reported that the 47-year-old assemblyman visited his district's hot springs 106 times.

Though that is not illegal, the amount of travel expenses that he claimed is reportedly significantly higher than the allotment given to politicians of his stature on an annual basis.