Lamoureux sisters had sights set only on women's hockey gold against Canada

The sisters met in a game for gold early Thursday morning.

ByABC News
February 22, 2018, 1:06 AM

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea— -- The U.S. women's hockey team has made no secret of their goal in Pyeongchang. They've been training for four years for just one game: a gold medal matchup with Canada.

Good Morning America” anchor Amy Robach sat down with team members -- and sisters -- Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux before their highly anticipated women’s hockey game overnight Thursday.

Monique Lamoureux told Robach the USA is ready for redemption after losing in the final game four years ago.

"It's tough to put into words -- we've literally been training four years for this one game," Monique said. "We have done everything we can as a team to be successful and hopefully we get the result that we we’ve been working for four years."

Canada has dominated Team USA in women’s hockey, beating them three times in the final and winning the last four gold medals at the Olympics. The U.S. last won gold 20 years ago in Nagano, Japan.

It was a painful loss for the USA vs. Canada four years ago in Sochi.

"A lot of people have asked, 'If we won a gold medal in Pyeongchang, will it take away the sting in Sochi?'" Monique said. "I don't think any amount of win would ever take away that loss -- and a win certainly would not take away what happened in Sochi -- but it would definitely be a bittersweet ending to what we've been building for the last four years and for some of us this is our third crack at it, so it will be pretty special for us."

Jocelyne Lamoureux, who scored two goals six seconds apart during the USA win over the Olympic Athletes from Russia in the group stage, told Robach how the USA women’s hockey team has prepared for Canada.

"We have played this game thousands of times in our heads and prepared for it, months of preparation: physically, mentally," Jocelyne said. "We are confident in the group we have ... to end the streak."

Monique and Jocelyne are mirror-image twins from North Dakota. This is their third Olympics and they already have silver medals from Sochi and Vancouver. Monique is left-handed and Jocelyne is right-handed, but they are both right-handed on the ice.

"We definitely take advance of being familiar around the ice with each other and where we are and we are able to make quick plays without necessarily having to look. We communicate really well on the ice," Jocelyne said.

"It's been a lot of fun playing with Jocelyne; we always have that familiarity and that chemistry when we are on the ice together so to be able to bring that to showcase it at the Olympics has been pretty special,” Monique said.

Despite a convenient excuse with the outbreak of the norovirus at the Pyeongchang Olympics, the twins said there was no doubt they would still shake hands with the Canadians.

"I think we owed them that respect and I think it's mutual," Jocelyn said.

What will the Lamoureux twins do after they get home?

"This next game is the last time the group of 23 women are gonna get to play together ... so a lot of us will cherish the few days we have together, hopefully be celebrating and after that be going back to our respective homes and enjoying some time with family as we all have been away for the past six months," Monique said. "Some of us have dogs to get back to that we miss dearly, husbands and families, so we are really excited to what's to come after the Olympics."

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