Leopard Runs Wild in School in India, Injures at Least Two Before Capture

PHOTO: A leopard is shown attacking a forest official at a school in Bangalore, India on Feb. 7, 2016. PlayEPA
WATCH Leopard Runs Wild on School Grounds in India

A leopard found its way into a school in southern India on Sunday afternoon, attacking at least two people who tried to capture the animal, according to video of the incident and local authorities.

Video footage was taken of the leopard making its way past a fence, then dashing across the fenced-in area and scaling up a wall of Vibgyor School in Bangalore and making its way into the school building. Other videos online show two men, identified by reports as scientist Sanjay Gubbi of the Nature Conservation Foundation and forest department employee Benny Maurius, trying to capture the leopard.

The two men are in the pool area of the school where the leopard was roaming. As one of the men tries to climb a locked gate to get away, the leopard charges at him and pulls him down. He tries to run off, but the leopard attacks him again, almost knocking him into the pool.

After several seconds the man was able to knock the leopard off his arm, and the leopard runs away from the pool, exiting the frame of the video. The one man is then brought over to a group of people on the other side of the pool. He can be seen limping with his shirt covered in what appears to be blood on his right arm.

It took several hours for the leopard to be shot with a tranquilizer dart and then finally go down. Three people were injured in total, the Associated Press reported. The leopard was taken to Bangalore’s Bannerghatta zoo, but was later released into the forest, according to the AP.

The Nature Conservation Foundation, Vibgyor School, Wildlife Trust of India and the Karnataka Forest Department could not be immediately reached by ABC News for comment.