Massive explosion kills at least 2, rips huge hole in highway outside Bologna, Italy

At least two people were killed and 67 injured, police said.

Video and photos from witnesses showed a massive fireball shooting into the air on a highway in the suburbs of Bologna on Tuesday afternoon.

Police in Bologna said a vehicle accident caused a fire that led to the explosion, and Italian firefighters said a tanker carrying inflammable material was involved.

Traffic was blocked in the area, and videos and photos from the scene showed burned-out vehicles and a partially-collapsed roadway.

"My car is still under the flyover, I am waiting to see if and when I can get it back," Marco Rosadini, from Arezzo, Italy, told Italian news agency ANSA. He said he was at a restaurant in the area. "At one point, we heard a violent explosion. I thought it was an attack."

He said that there were seven to eight minutes of what sounded like explosions causing the glass roof of the restaurant to collapse.