What Missing Girl Sabrina Allen's Life Was Like in Mexico

Texas girl was found this week after disappearing 12 years ago.

October 2, 2014, 12:07 PM

— -- After 12 grueling years of searching for Sabrina Allen, authorities found the missing girl in a town southeast of Mexico City, where she was "not living a regular life."

The blond girl from Austin, Texas, whose face was plastered on missing persons posters now has chestnut brown hair and goes by another name: Fair. She was with her noncustodial mother.

"She's in pretty bad shape," Greg Allen said of his 17-year-old daughter who went missing at age 4. "Sabrina has been under an intense campaign to hate me for 12 years. She's currently under the care of a therapist that specializes in cases like this."

As Allen waits anxiously to reunite with his daughter, who's now back in Texas, he said he is already working to line up support that will help her get up to speed on everything she missed.

At a news conference Wednesday in Austin, Allen said his daughter was "in pretty bad shape as far as my understanding."

"She was not living a regular life,” he said. “She has not been going to school.”

In a video posted on a fundraising website to raise money for his daughter's care, Allen said her education was reportedly several levels behind.

Acting on a tip from a confidential informant, Mexican officials worked with a team from private investigator Philip Klein's office to track Sabrina and her mother, Dara Llorens, Tuesday morning to a small apartment in the state of Tlaxcala, authorities said.

"She was effectively a prisoner in a two-bedroom apartment. She has been told that I didn't want her and that I committed suicide," Allen said. "She was also told that both of my parents are dead."

On April 19, 2002, Dara Llorens allegedly took her daughter for a scheduled weekend visit as part of a court-ordered child custody agreement.

Llorens never returned Sabrina to her father, who was her primary guardian, at the end of that weekend, according to the FBI.

Sabrina and Llorens were flown back to Texas Tuesday night. Llorens was booked into Travis County Jail on an aggravated kidnapping charge. It was not immediately known whether she has hired an attorney.

As Sabrina readjusts to life in the United States, her father said he hopes she has some memories of their time together from before she was taken, and to make some new ones with her, too.

"I want to know her. She’s a completely different person, but they say personalities are formed by age five," Allen told ABC News' Austin affiliate KVUE-TV in an exclusive interview. "[I'm] hoping she has some memories still.”

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