Paris and Brussels Terror Suspects Due in Court

A decision on whether Salah Abdeslam will be remanded expected today.

"He will be transferred within a few weeks because he is being heard in another case," his lawyer, Sven Mary, told reporters outside the courtroom, later adding his client was going to be questioned about an apartment raided in Forest, near Brussels, where explosives, weapons and an ISIS flag were found.

Abdeslam, who rented the cars for the Paris attackers and is suspected of direct involvement, was arrested March 18 in Belgium after an international manhunt.

The cases for several alleged accomplices of Salah Abdeslam are also being heard today: Abid Aberkan, Amine Choukri, Mohamed Bakkali, Abdellah Chouaa and Mohamed Amri.

Belgium's Constitutional Chamber will also examine the cases of three suspects in the Brussels attacks investigation: Mohamed B., Yassine Attar and Aboubaker O.

Finally, Rabah N. and Abderrahmane A., two suspected accomplices of Reda Kriket, a French terror suspect who was arrested in a Paris suburb March 25, will also have their cases heard today.