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  • A demonstrator throws a stone at a police van during a protest against the arrival of a plane carrying evacuees from coronavirus-hit China's Hubei province in the village of Novi Sanzhary in Ukraine on Feb. 20, 2020.<BR><BR>Local residents blocked the road leading to a sanatorium where the evacuees will be held in quarantine for at least two weeks.
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  • Students, evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan because of the coronavirus, arrive at President Nicolau Lobato International Airport in Dili, East Timor (also known as Timor-Leste) on Feb. 21 2020.<BR><BR>The students returned to East Timor after a quarantine period in New Zealand. The disease caused by the virus was officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization on Feb. 11.
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  • Buses carrying Australian passengers from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship leave a port in Yokohama, near Tokyo, Feb. 19, 2020.<BR><BR>Approximately 500 passengers left the ship Diamond Princess at the end of a much-criticized two-week quarantine aboard the vessel, which failed to stop the spread of the new virus among passengers and crew.
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  • A patient suspected of carrying the new coronavirus, named COVID-19, arrives at Kyungpook National University Hospital in Daegu, South Korea, Feb. 19, 2020.<BR><BR>Thirteen people in the city people were found to have the virus earlier in the day.
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  • Medical personnel walk among patients with mild symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus at night in the temporary Fangcai Hospital set up in a sports stadium in Wuhan, China, Feb. 18, 2020.
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  • A couple wearing masks kiss at a main shopping area, in downtown Shanghai, China, as the country is hit by an outbreak of a new coronavirus, Feb. 16, 2020.
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  • Dogs wearing masks ride in a stroller in Shanghai on Feb. 19, 2020.
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  • Medical staff members talk at the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province, Feb. 16, 2020.
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  • Workers wearing protective suits and face masks disinfect a residential compound, following an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China, Feb. 15, 2020.
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  • U.S. citizens wave from a bus as they leave the 'Diamond Princess' cruise ship docked at Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal for repatriation in Yokohama, Tokyo, Feb. 17, 2020. The U.S. repatriated around 400 American citizens who had been aboard the vessel, which was quarantined amid the ongoing epidemic of the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
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  • People wave to family on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship as it sits docked at Daikoku Pier where it is being resupplied and newly diagnosed coronavirus cases taken for treatment as it remains in quarantine, Feb. 11, 2020, in Yokohama, Japan.
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  • Han Xiaoqin, head of a neighborhood committee, spreads prevention and control information about coronavirus via a speaker in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, Feb. 13, 2020.
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  • A railway worker gestures to a member of the medical personnel missioned to help the COVID-19 patients in Hubei province on the express train leaving Nanchang city in central China's Jiangxi province, Feb. 13, 2020.
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  • Chinese shoppers wear protective masks as they walk through a nearly empty shopping mall on Feb. 12, 2020, in Beijing.
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  • A Chinese worker wears a protective mask as he has his temperature checked in a nearly empty and shuttered commercial street on Feb. 12, 2020, in Beijing.
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  • A child waves as she sits in a vehicle carrying residents evacuated from a public housing building, following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, outside Hong Mei House, at Cheung Hong Estate in Hong Kong, Feb. 11, 2020.
    Tyrone Siu/Reuters
  • A Chinese couple wear plastic coats and protective masks as they shop for groceries at a supermarket on Feb. 11, 2020, in Beijing.
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  • A man wears a protective mask as he watches a movie, following the outbreak of coronavirus, in Hong Kong, Feb. 10, 2020.
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  • Passengers wait for disembarkation inside their cabins during a coronavirus outbreak in China, Feb. 9, 2020.
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  • Security guards check body temperature of people passing by on the road blockade in Guangzhou, China, Feb. 10, 2020.
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  • People wear protective masks at a supermarket in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province, Feb. 10, 2020.
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  • A Thai health official monitors the body temperature of arriving passengers from international flights at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 7, 2020. Thai Public Health officials said that the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Thailand remained at 25. The virus has killed at least 638 people and over 31,000 others were confirmed infected, mostly in China.
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  • Hong Kong's Hospital Authority (HA) staff strike outside the HA headquarters in Hong Kong, China, Feb. 7, 2020. Hundreds of striking HA employees showed support for plans to extend a five-day strike to pressure the government to completely seal off the border with China in an attempt to protect the city from the coronavirus outbreak. The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has so far killed at least 638 people and infected over 31,000 others, mostly in China.
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  • Hong Kong's Hospital Authority (HA) staff strike outside the HA headquarters in Hong Kong, China, Feb. 7, 2020.
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  • A portrait of Dr. Li Wenliang is left at Li's hospital in Wuhan, China, Feb. 7, 2020. Dr. Li, regarded as a whistleblower on the latest coronavirus outbreak, died Thursday night from the disease, which triggered wide-spread mourning on Chinese media.
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  • Staff members, wearing protective masks and clothing, are seen at the Shanghai railway station in Shanghai, China, Feb. 7, 2020, as the country is hit by an outbreak of a new coronavirus.
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  • John Miller, from Orcas Island, Wash., reacts after he disembarked from the MS Westerdam, at the port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia on Feb. 4, 2020. The ship reached a friendly port willing to accept it, allowing the passengers to step ashore after weeks of uncertainty at sea.
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  • Passengers on a tram wear surgical masks in Hong Kong during a coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, Feb. 4, 2020.
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  • A Ukrainian State Border Guard wears a protective mask near passengers, who gather at a passport control point upon their arrival from China, on the last planned Ukrainian flight before a ban over coronavirus, at the Boryspil International Airport outside of Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 4, 2020.
    Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters
  • A cleaner checks beds at Wuhan International Conference and Exhibition Center, Feb. 4, 2020 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Wuhan epidemic prevention headquarters started converting three existing venues, including a gymnasium and an exhibition center, into hospitals to receive patients infected with the coronavirus.
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  • Medical staff wear a face masks inside an isolation ward opened as a preventative measure for coronavirus at the North Bengal Medical college and Hospital in Siliguri, India, Feb. 4, 2020.
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  • Lu Yuejin pleads with police to allow her daughter to pass a checkpoint at the Yangtze River Bridge out of Wuhan, locked down because of the coronavirus outbreak, to receive cancer treatment, Feb. 1, 2020. Eventually, police allowed Lu and her daughter through to a waiting ambulance.
    Thomas Peter/Reuters
  • Medical officers spray Indonesian nationals with antiseptic after they arrived from Wuhan, China, center of the coronavirus epidemic, before transferring them to the Natuna Islands military base to be quarantined, at Hang Nadim Airport in Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia, Feb. 2, 2020.
    Antara Foto via Reuters
  • People queue up to buy face masks at a cosmetics shop in Hong Kong, Jan. 30, 2020. Hong Kong cut off rail service to mainland China to try to stop the spread of a new virus to the city.
    Kin Cheung/AP
  • A sign displayed in a pharmacy states that protective face masks are out of stock in Bangkok, Jan. 31, 2020.
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  • Buses carrying South Korean evacuees from the coronavirus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan, leave Gimpo International Airport in Gimpo, South Korea, Jan. 31, 2020.
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  • A sign bans access to people from China at Trevi Bar in Rome, Jan. 31, 2020.
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  • Police stand at a roadblock at a bridge crossing the Yangtze River to Hubei province in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, China, as the country is hit by an outbreak of a new coronavirus, Jan. 30, 2020.
    Thomas Peter/Reuters
  • A girl wears a plastic bottle as a makeshift protection and a face mask while waiting to check in for a flight at Beijing Capital Airport, Jan. 30, 2020, in China.
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  • Police and medical personnel enter a plane to take the temperatures of passengers on board at the airport in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China, Jan. 28, 2020.
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  • Students line up to sanitize their hands to avoid contracting the coronavirus before their morning class at a high school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Jan. 28, 2020.
    Heng Sinith/AP
  • Hundreds of construction workers build new hospitals to tackle the coronavirus on Jan. 28, 2020 in Wuhan, China. Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital is expected to be put into use on Feb. 5th, with the capacity of 1000 beds.
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  • A health worker checks the temperature of women entering the subway on Jan. 26, 2020 in Beijing, China.
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  • A woman wearing a face mask travels in the nearly-empty subway, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the new coronavirus, in Beijing, Jan. 26, 2020.
    Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters
  • Medical staff transfer a patient suspected of having contracted the new coronavirus at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, Jan. 22, 2020.
  • A security guard stands outside the closed Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market where the first instance of the coronavirus was believed to have been contracted by a person, in Wuhan, China, Jan. 24, 2020.
    Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images