Pilot Who Flew Plane Into Hurricane Patricia: 'Most Intense Turbulence I've Ever Encountered'

"It was the most intense turbulence I've ever encountered," one pilot said.

— -- A crew of 13 men known as the "Hurricane Hunters" recently completed a mission involving three flights into and out of the eye of Hurricane Patricia, all of which were caught on video.

One of three pilots of the mission, NOAA Lt. Cdr Patrick Didier, told ABC News today that out of all the 3,800 hours of flight time he's clocked so far, his last flight into Hurricane Patricia on Friday "was the most intense turbulence I'd ever encountered."

It was around this point that Didier and the other "Hurricane Hunters" penetrated through into the eye of the storm, he said.

"Some of the most experienced among our group said Patricia definitely approached their top five of most turbulent flights they'd ever done," Didier said. "We experienced a few big jolts before punching out of the wall of the eye into the other side. Some of the keyboards flipped and papers got loose in the cabin."