Pope Francis sticks with popemobile instead of $200K Lamborghini

His specially built Huracan will be auctioned by Sotheby's.

The Italian sportscar maker designed and built a special Huracan for the pope, who officially received it at the Vatican today with Lamborghini executives in tow. The donated car was painted to replicate the Vatican's flag colors, complete with papal-gold accents on the hood, roof and doors. Pope Francis smiled as he signed "Francesco" with a black marker on the car.

The Huracan RWD Coupe starts at $200,000.

Sotheby’s will auction off the sportscar, the Vatican said in a statement. The money raised will go toward several charities the pope has selected, including one that helps Christians who are living as refugees in Kurdistan to return to their communities in Iraq.

The pope, who prefers to be driven around in the modest popemobile, will not take the pricey Lamborghini for a joy ride before the May 12, 2018, auction.