Pro-Western Parties, Not Darth Vader, Set to Win Ukrainian Elections

The Commander of Evil Empire was turned away from polls.

— -- Ukrainians went to the polls Sunday to elect a new parliament that was expected to be dominated by pro-Western parties, but not everyone was able to vote.

Vader couldn't comply with the polling station's request because he "would die if he took his helmet off" Vladislav Savchuk, one of Vader's campaign managers, told ABC News.

In April, Vader was barred from standing in the country's presidential elections saying his application was questionable.

Other Ukrainians were also unable to vote. No polling stations were open in the eastern parts of the country where armed pro-Russia separatist rebels are still clashing with Ukrainian authorities, or in the Crimean Peninsula which was annexed by Russia in March.

Of the 36 million people registered to vote, 40 percent had reportedly gone to the polls by 4 p.m. local time, according to the central electoral commission, with four hours remaining until polls closed.

If those results hold, the election would further anchor Ukraine's pro-Europe turn since the ouster of pro-Russia president Viktor Yanukovich after protests in February.